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Web Design - Benefits Of Having Your Own Website VS. Social Media Only

Our friends at have put together an excellent video underscoring why you would want to create your own website versus using social media outlets only. These are some things I stress to my clients regularly. Nothing beats having your own website and here are the reasons why:

1: Enhanced credibility 2: Increased value - i.e., your business/brand is more valuable with a website 3: Heightened flexibility & control - over your content, transactions, etc. 4: Better communication - because you have more control over your content, you are able to communicate better with your customers 5: Detailed analytics - so you can see who visits your site, where they are from, etc; and tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly


Getting Into Stock Photography

I'm looking into getting into stock photography. Often I find that finding good African-American images, with the themes my clients are looking for, is almost impossible to find. This is one of the reasons I got into photography. I need to dedicate some time and find a 'gang' of volunteers who are willing to experiment with some themes. If you're willing to volunteer, hit me up and let's see what we can do.

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